BHF Datenbank -- V2K Redux - The Darkening of the Fifth Sun

V2K Redux - The Darkening of the Fifth Sun

Dauer: 23:08 min
Jahr: 2020
Regie: Eduardo Soto-Falcon
Kategorie: The Burning Mic
Musik: Steve Lehmann & Alejandro Giacoman
Ton: Eduardo Soto-Falcon
Sounddesign: Eduardo Soto-Falcon
Mitwirkende: James Kenneth, Emily Schooley, Genaro Vazquez, Philomena Sherwood, Julie C. Sheppard, Manny Bains, Elizabeth Bernal, Chris Ellison, Ana Gabriela Quintero, Wayne McCracken
In an alternate Year 2000, the New Age reporter Roxy Gibson narrates the events in Mexico on January 1st, especially of people fainting all around her, causing havoc. Roxie and Eligio Melgar, an expert in Aztec mythology, go on a journey through Mexico to reach its border with the USA. Back in Canada, Roxie’s colleagues Luke Marlowe and Monique Toussaint try to understand the looming and mysterious pandemic taking over the world.