BHF Datenbank -- The Human Rush

The Human Rush

Autor*in: Mafane
Dauer: 58:57 min
Jahr: 2020
nominiert für das BHF 2021
Regie: Nicolas Rochette and Séléna Thérêt
Kategorie: The Burning Mic
Musik: Simone d’Ambrosio (Audiotopie) and Antonin Wyss (Magnéto)
Ton: Simone d’Ambrosio (Audiotopie) and Antonin Wyss (Magnéto)
Sounddesign: Simone d’Ambrosio (Audiotopie) and Antonin Wyss (Magnéto)
Mitwirkende: Diane Dauphinais, Isabel Dos Santos, Ligia Borges
When you reach the other side, shout your name. Shout it loudly so I may hear you! That way, I’ll know you made it. One boy leaves, flees his country, with only a teapot in hand. Another girl crosses the sea to conquer her dream. A woman arrives on new ground, where she must rediscover herself. Finally, a man stays, forced to adapt to a new foreign setting. Four destinies that each recall migration, escape, hardship, freedom and encounters that frighten at first, but ultimately allow for deeper.