BHF Datenbank -- Nur Wettbewerbsbeiträge #TBM -- 2021

58:57 min
nominiert für das BHF 2021
/ von Mafane // Regie: Nicolas Rochette and Séléna Thérêt
When you reach the other side, shout your name. Shout it loudly so I may hear you! That way, I’ll know you made it. One boy leaves, flees his country, with only a teapot in hand. Another girl crosses ...
50:30 min
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/ von Mark Vernon // Regie: Mark Vernon
A radio play created entirely from field recordings made out of the rear window of my Glasgow flat over an 18-year period. In essence, it is a catalogue of exterior sounds that have annoyed or disturbed me over the years ...
/ von Toni Dimitrov // Regie: Toni Dimitrov
How South Becomes North (Long Live Macedonia, Long Live Republic of North Macedonia) is a sound documentary about Macedonia changing the name from Macedonia into North Macedonia. The sound piece contains field recordings from some of the protests in the ...
10:56 min
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/ von Irene Aurora Paci // Regie: Irene Aurora Paci
"Io sono il filo" is the audio tale of a workshop gathering new-mothers around embroidery. All these women live in a neighborhood in the easter suburbs of Rome and come from different countries: Egypt, Morocco, Congo, Senegal… Through embroidery they ...
2:10 min
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/ von Uli Schuster // Regie: Uli Schuster
Ist es der Verstand der uns Alles und jeden Moment erklären kann? Oder sind es die Sinne die uns mitnehmen in eine Erfahrung für die es gar nicht die richtigen Worte gibt? Zwischen den Zeilen und mitten im ...