BHF Datenbank -- The Frog in hot water.

The Frog in hot water.

Dauer: 15:59 min
Jahr: 2020
Regie: Katarzyna Goszcz
Kategorie: The Burning Mic
Musik: Vishnu - Patrick Patrikios
Ton: Katarzyna Goszcz
Sounddesign: Piotr Piorun
Mitwirkende: Kennedy Nyavaya, Kerstin Zander
Heat waves are natural disasters, which do not occur suddenly and with severe impacts like cyclones or floods, but they start slowly and have insidious effects. That is why people often do not take them seriously. Kerstin Zander is a researcher at Humboldt University whose research focuses on climate change affecting migration, with a particular focus on heat. This is a story about how heat waves affect our lives and the impact they will have on our future.