BHF Datenbank -- Sämtliche Einreichungen #TBM

/ von J. Marc Reichow (Kurkurator) // Regie: Kurkurator (J. Marc Reichow)
A short and spontaneous reaction to the appalling events of Jan 6th, 2021 aka the storming of the United States Capitol, contextualized here by both humorous and idealistic statements/sayings of "Sophia", an allegedly female and allegedly artificially intelligent robot and ...
4:00 min
/ von Christian Eiming // Regie: Christian Eiming
A newly educated fire-fighter tells the story of a random Wednesday on the job, which turns out to be a personal nightmare.
1:00 min
nominiert für das BHF 2022
/ von Cristina Marras // Regie: Cristina Marras
This is the true story of, even in the face of terrible events, what remains, the memories that still make us suffer are not those linked to horrors and unspeakable events, but small, painful memories, the banality of everyday life.
14:21 min
2. Preis #TBM, BHF 2020
/ von Jasmina Al-Qaisi // Regie: Jasmina Al-Qaisi
The play is drawing thin lines between imagination and reality in an odd, yet common life situation-missing a flight. The monologue takes the listener through different noisy layers of one voice that represents the thoughts of a future-past self which ...
/ von Eduardo Soto-Falcon // Regie: Eduardo Soto-Falcon
In an alternate Year 2000, the New Age reporter Roxy Gibson narrates the events in Mexico on January 1st, especially of people fainting all around her, causing havoc. Roxie and Eligio Melgar, an expert in Aztec mythology, go on a journey ...
19:56 min
/ von James Harper / Filter Stories Podcast // Regie: James Harper
An entry for the Das kurze brennede Mikro. Gerry has a disability that keeps 2 in 3 adults out of full time work. But Gerry demolishes expectations over and over again. This is the first of a two-part audio-documentary of his life ...
8:57 min
/ von Vivien Schütz // Regie: Vivien Schütz
Jewish orthodox women from the Lubavitch community begin covering their hair the day after their wedding, usually with a wig. In “Uncovered” Sarah, an orthodox Jewish influencer from Brooklyn, talks with her husband, Yoni, about her struggle to follow the ...
55:08 min
Sebastian is shipwrecked and finds himself in Illyria. Dressed as a woman and calling himself “Cesaria”, he enters the services of Duke Orsino. Orsino is unhappily in love with Olivia and makes Cesaria the messenger of his love letters. Unfortunately, ...
/ von Marco Stefanelli & Mamadou Cellou Diallo // Regie: Marco Stefanelli
A sound story for a public square created by the students of the second grade (school year 2019-2020) of the Piaget-Diaz High School, Don Bosco district, Rome. A story about love, family, loneliness, bullying and identity from the perspective of ...
/ von Nico Schreiner // Regie: Nico Schreiner
Das Hörspiel ist eine Mischung aus Dokumentation (Teil 1) und Hörspiel (Teil 2). Darin wird die vom aussterben bedrohte Kultur der Inselbewohner auf den Orkney-Inseln erklaert und die daraus entstandene Sagenwelt beleuchtet. Das Hörspiel schließt mit einer originalen ...
58:57 min
nominiert für das BHF 2021
/ von Mafane // Regie: Nicolas Rochette and Séléna Thérêt
When you reach the other side, shout your name. Shout it loudly so I may hear you! That way, I’ll know you made it. One boy leaves, flees his country, with only a teapot in hand. Another girl crosses ...
/ von Katarzyna Goszcz // Regie: Katarzyna Goszcz
Heat waves are natural disasters, which do not occur suddenly and with severe impacts like cyclones or floods, but they start slowly and have insidious effects. That is why people often do not take them seriously. Kerstin Zander is a ...
50:30 min
1. Preis #TBM, BHF 2021
/ von Mark Vernon // Regie: Mark Vernon
A radio play created entirely from field recordings made out of the rear window of my Glasgow flat over an 18-year period. In essence, it is a catalogue of exterior sounds that have annoyed or disturbed me over the years ...
/ von Vivien Schütz // Regie: Vivien Schütz
At the online graduation ceremony of her son, Gina, a 56-year-old single mom, reflects on her choice to become a mom - against all odds.
50:29 min
nominiert für das BHF 2022
/ von Jasmina Al-Qaisi // Regie: Jasmina Al-Qaisi
In search of a main character for an untold sci-fi-story: empirical knowledge and personal experiences, myths and my own delirium knit together a story of storks which transcends taxonomy and care for bodies and becomes a curious evolutionary journey of ...
/ von Paul Wiersbinski, Behrang Karimi // Regie: Paul Wiersbinski, Behrang Karimi
In our project “Spaced Out in Outer Space” we will examine the history of the balance in cybernetics and biology and its influence on our contemporary conception of nature and society. We are interested in the question of the extent ...
12:02 min
/ von Sebastian Hocke // Regie: Sebastian Hocke
Dieses Hörspiel ist gar keins, sondern ein Score. Eine akustische Handlungsanweisung. Also: Hinsetzen. Kopfhörer aufsetzen. Erinnern. An Kleinigkeiten. Da es für das internationale Projekt "1000 Scores - Pieces for Here, Now & Later" entwickelt wurde, ausnahmsweise in englischer Sprache ...
/ von Konrad Behr // Regie: Konrad Behr
„Radio Dance 1&2 remixed“ ist eine Klangkompositionen basierend auf Tonaufnahmen der Zusammenarbeit des Sound- und Radiokünstlers Konrad Behr (Weimar/Deutschland) mit der Choreografin und Tänzerin Emelie Bardon (Malmö/Schweden). Eingebunden in ihre Aufgabe als Bewegungsexpertin, begibt sich die Tä ...
7:09 min
nominiert für das BHF 2022
/ von Hye Young Sin // Regie: Hye Young Sin
This project explores how urban public space builds up its environment by excluding marginalized groups shown in devices of urban furniture. The current architectural adoption is surprisingly slight, implicit, banal to be unobserved and acceptable for citizens. However, it plays ...
12:11 min
/ von Ian Coss & Ari Daniel // Regie: Ian Coss & Ari Daniel
Vicki Monroe is a “spirit messenger,” someone who communes with the relatives of those who have died. The story opens when she enters a German castle and sees three people who she later discovers are deceased relatives and previous occupants ...