BHF Datenbank -- Sämtliche Einreichungen #TBM -- 2020

/ von Paige Mazurek // Regie: Paige Mazurek
A laugh is something we rarely give conscious thought to. Yet, it’s one of the most unique identifiers we carry with us. This piece was inspired by my first encounter with a laughing circle, where I learned through experience ...
19:56 min
/ von James Harper / Filter Stories Podcast // Regie: James Harper
An entry for the Das kurze brennede Mikro. Gerry has a disability that keeps 2 in 3 adults out of full time work. But Gerry demolishes expectations over and over again. This is the first of a two-part audio-documentary of his life ...
12:11 min
/ von Ian Coss & Ari Daniel // Regie: Ian Coss & Ari Daniel
Vicki Monroe is a “spirit messenger,” someone who communes with the relatives of those who have died. The story opens when she enters a German castle and sees three people who she later discovers are deceased relatives and previous occupants ...
19:16 min
nominiert für das BHF 2020
/ von Andy Short // Regie: Andy Short
End of the Line- Audio dramas from the epidemic. Each story is a dramatic recreation of how addiction starts amid the opioid epidemic. Each episode is acted out by a performer in recovery and followed by a conversation between that ...
13:21 min
/ von Benjamin Yates // Regie: Benjamin Yates
400 Lux of Green is a documentary detailing a search for a rare optical phenomenon called the 'Green Ray' on the Greek island of Ithaca. Whilst the search eventually proves futile, the documentary is a gentle study of the community, characters, ...
18:26 min
nominiert für das BHF 2020
/ von Joseph Baader // Regie: Joseph Baader
Mit einem Eishockeyschläger, einem Kassettenrecorder und zwei Mikrophonen zog er los. Dann wurde damit gerieben, gekratzt, geschlagen und – aufgenommen. Klänge, die entstehen wenn der Eishockeyschläger über verschiedene Oberflächen gleitet. Kurz nach seinem Tod entdecken Wissenschaftler*innen ...
3:56 min
nominiert für das BHF 2020
/ von Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer // Regie: Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer
non native speaker Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer gets a call from his native speaker friend Francis at 3 a.m. in the morning. Subject is songwriting and the importance of getting the words right.
/ von Konrad Behr // Regie: Konrad Behr
„Radio Dance 1&2 remixed“ ist eine Klangkompositionen basierend auf Tonaufnahmen der Zusammenarbeit des Sound- und Radiokünstlers Konrad Behr (Weimar/Deutschland) mit der Choreografin und Tänzerin Emelie Bardon (Malmö/Schweden). Eingebunden in ihre Aufgabe als Bewegungsexpertin, begibt sich die Tä ...
3:30 min
1. Preis #TBM, BHF 2020
/ von Wederik De Backer // Regie: Wederik De Backer
"It was quiet for a while. Then it took a little longer. Until the silence became so loud, that only the GPS dared to break it." This is the story of a young man sitting in the back seat of ...
18:44 min
3. Preis #TBM, BHF 2020
/ von Vivien Schütz // Regie: Vivien Schütz
"Not In The Cards" (18'44'') tells the story of an elderly gay man from Brooklyn, who was born blind, and his search for interpersonal contact. It poses the question, if and to what extent people can be happy without ...
14:21 min
2. Preis #TBM, BHF 2020
/ von Jasmina Al-Qaisi // Regie: Jasmina Al-Qaisi
The play is drawing thin lines between imagination and reality in an odd, yet common life situation-missing a flight. The monologue takes the listener through different noisy layers of one voice that represents the thoughts of a future-past self which ...