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Jasmina Al-Qaisi

Bisherige Einreichungen:
2020: A Walking Scientist (2. Preis #TBM)
Jasmina Al-Qaisi is a writer and archivist. She writes as she speaks in her own English, caught between sound and visual poetry, often stepping out of ordinary norms of form. She investigates intersections between body politics, intimacy, digitally mediated relationships, voice and memory, homes and aways, often in close communication with her grandmother. She transfers poetry in performative acts and sound with gastronomy into radio formats, most frequently she conducts an on-going radio and culinary research titled Bites. She often makes waves on free, independent, temporary or mobile radios. She co-authors diverse audio actions with the artist Ralf Wendt. She thinking, writing and organizing in the artistic/curatorial sound-interested group Research and Waves.