BHF Datenbank -- Spaced Out in Outer Space

Spaced Out in Outer Space

Dauer: 19:21 min
Jahr: 2020
Regie: Paul Wiersbinski, Behrang Karimi
Kategorie: The Burning Mic
Musik: Behrang Karimi
Ton: Paul Wiersbinski
Sounddesign: Paul Wiersbinski, Behrang Karimi
Mitwirkende: Ani Samperi (Sprecherin)
In our project “Spaced Out in Outer Space” we will examine the history of the balance in cybernetics and biology and its influence on our contemporary conception of nature and society. We are interested in the question of the extent to which notions of “pure” nature, immortality and space travel have always been a fantasy in western science and art to escape a faulty existence and to change it instead of accepting its limits.