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Elgin Hertel

Bisherige Einreichungen:
2020: Bamba Fepp
2016: und dann war ich weg
1983 born & mostly raised in Germany. Between 1986-1989 I lived in Indonesia, after school in 2003 extensively travelled to Souteast Asia and Australia. 2004 I started my Geography Bachelor studies in Bremen to continue a Masters of Ressources Management in the Netherlands. 2012 I first stranded in the big capital Berlin to then find my artistic storytelling mission in Berlin. Between 2015 and 2019 I ve been working as a radio host and trainer at radio multicult fm in Berlin. More recently I ve freelanced in education & media school projects from Slow Food (2017 - 2019). I ve worked in numerous creative projects, among them 2015 in Senegal as an exhibiting sound artist, 2016 as a radio play producer for IOM, 2018 as podcast trainer for a queer refugee project in Berlin.From this year on I again wanna focus on podcasting and radio play and my own projects & podcast series.