BHF Datenbank -- Mit dem Mond im Gesicht

Mit dem Mond im Gesicht

Autor*in: Anina Rubin
Dauer: 26:47 min
Jahr: 2019
Regie: Anina Rubin
Kategorie: Das lange brennende Mikro
Musik: Anina Rubin
Ton: Anina Rubin
Sounddesign: Anina Rubin
Mitwirkende: Dohi Kim
The higher order ambisonically produced piece is a sound-collage of piano, voice, and composite field recordings, as well as many pieces of sound-designed and -processed snippets. A world is created in which the protagonist gets deeply lost while drifting from one sphere to another to find a place of freedom. The appearing characters along that journey, as vocal parts, are all embodied by the artist’s voice.