BHF Datenbank -- Sämtliche Einreichungen #TBM

1:43 min
/ von blablabor // Regie: blablabor
e k b a l s a: t t a s e s a: l l a s l a: s t a: l t e l t a k l a k l a: k e k a l ...
2:10 min
3. Preis #TBM, BHF 2021
/ von Uli Schuster // Regie: Uli Schuster
Ist es der Verstand der uns Alles und jeden Moment erklären kann? Oder sind es die Sinne die uns mitnehmen in eine Erfahrung für die es gar nicht die richtigen Worte gibt? Zwischen den Zeilen und mitten im ...
/ von J. Marc Reichow (Kurkurator) // Regie: Kurkurator (J. Marc Reichow)
A short and spontaneous reaction to the appalling events of Jan 6th, 2021 aka the storming of the United States Capitol, contextualized here by both humorous and idealistic statements/sayings of "Sophia", an allegedly female and allegedly artificially intelligent robot and ...
3:00 min
/ von Manami N. // Regie: Manami N.
Während der „Corona Zeit“ habe ich über das japanische Wort „Nai“ nachgedacht. Auf Japanisch bedeutet Nai „nichts“ oder birgt etwas Negatives. Im Zen-Buddhismus ist „Nichts“ jedoch eines der wichtigsten Wörter. „Nai“ könnte beides beinhalten: Den Weg als ...
3:30 min
1. Preis #TBM, BHF 2020
/ von Wederik De Backer // Regie: Wederik De Backer
"It was quiet for a while. Then it took a little longer. Until the silence became so loud, that only the GPS dared to break it." This is the story of a young man sitting in the back seat of ...
3:56 min
nominiert für das BHF 2020
/ von Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer // Regie: Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer
non native speaker Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer gets a call from his native speaker friend Francis at 3 a.m. in the morning. Subject is songwriting and the importance of getting the words right.
/ von Abir Tawakalna // Regie: Abir Tawakalna
? When you try to express your I? How you can do it if you want!
/ von Cindy Capleton (a.k.a. Agata Milizia) // Regie: Agata Milizia
Set in an imaginary world, where entertainment doesn’t follow any moral or ethical rule. After a reflection about the pace of life, the short tale begins. In a stadium the public literally feasts on the football players. When everyone ...
/ von Paige Mazurek // Regie: Paige Mazurek
A laugh is something we rarely give conscious thought to. Yet, it’s one of the most unique identifiers we carry with us. This piece was inspired by my first encounter with a laughing circle, where I learned through experience ...
/ von Konrad Behr // Regie: Konrad Behr
„Radio Dance 1&2 remixed“ ist eine Klangkompositionen basierend auf Tonaufnahmen der Zusammenarbeit des Sound- und Radiokünstlers Konrad Behr (Weimar/Deutschland) mit der Choreografin und Tänzerin Emelie Bardon (Malmö/Schweden). Eingebunden in ihre Aufgabe als Bewegungsexpertin, begibt sich die Tä ...
/ von Vivien Schütz // Regie: Vivien Schütz
At the online graduation ceremony of her son, Gina, a 56-year-old single mom, reflects on her choice to become a mom - against all odds.
/ von Martin Buntz // Regie: Martin Buntz
Does the machine dream of electric evil? It is what it is. The machine will be a mirror by which to see the future, and the future the reality. The machine browses through its data base, pondering over Google’s ...
8:57 min
/ von Vivien Schütz // Regie: Vivien Schütz
Jewish orthodox women from the Lubavitch community begin covering their hair the day after their wedding, usually with a wig. In “Uncovered” Sarah, an orthodox Jewish influencer from Brooklyn, talks with her husband, Yoni, about her struggle to follow the ...
9:03 min
/ von Dagmar Cassens // Regie: Dagmar Cassens
This is a story about redheads, Beverly, an excellent athlete, and Margie's obsessive compulsive disorder. Margie meets red haired Beverly at an Olympic diving training camp in Tennessee in 1964. They become diving buddies. Suddenly, Beverly vanishes. Margie lives in Berlin ...
/ von Elham Shafaei // Regie: Elham Shafaei
Monstera in Conversation features a unique conversation between Monstera and Hamed Babaei, a visual artist and composer who currently resides in Tehran, Iran. Furthermore, Hamed is a founder at Baramant Music Band since 2007. His studio practice enclouds visual arts as ...
10:56 min
2. Preis #TBM, BHF 2021
/ von Irene Aurora Paci // Regie: Irene Aurora Paci
"Io sono il filo" is the audio tale of a workshop gathering new-mothers around embroidery. All these women live in a neighborhood in the easter suburbs of Rome and come from different countries: Egypt, Morocco, Congo, Senegal… Through embroidery they ...
12:11 min
/ von Ian Coss & Ari Daniel // Regie: Ian Coss & Ari Daniel
Vicki Monroe is a “spirit messenger,” someone who communes with the relatives of those who have died. The story opens when she enters a German castle and sees three people who she later discovers are deceased relatives and previous occupants ...
13:21 min
/ von Benjamin Yates // Regie: Benjamin Yates
400 Lux of Green is a documentary detailing a search for a rare optical phenomenon called the 'Green Ray' on the Greek island of Ithaca. Whilst the search eventually proves futile, the documentary is a gentle study of the community, characters, ...
/ von Marco Stefanelli & Mamadou Cellou Diallo // Regie: Marco Stefanelli
A sound story for a public square created by the students of the second grade (school year 2019-2020) of the Piaget-Diaz High School, Don Bosco district, Rome. A story about love, family, loneliness, bullying and identity from the perspective of ...
14:21 min
2. Preis #TBM, BHF 2020
/ von Jasmina Al-Qaisi // Regie: Jasmina Al-Qaisi
The play is drawing thin lines between imagination and reality in an odd, yet common life situation-missing a flight. The monologue takes the listener through different noisy layers of one voice that represents the thoughts of a future-past self which ...