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Eduardo Soto-Falcon

Bisherige Einreichungen:
2021: V2K Redux - The Darkening of the Fifth Sun
Eduardo is a filmmaker and screenwriter experienced in sound design, recording and editing. Originally from Mexico, Eduardo earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Ithaca College (NY, USA) in Cinema and Photography with a Minor in Writing. In his university years, Eduardo was the go-to sound person for his classmates’ short films. Then, one of Eduardo’s first professional jobs was as a sound assistant in the Hollywood movie “Clear and Present Danger” which received an Oscar nomination for best sound. Eduardo’s own short films have been screened at 30 festivals around the world and broadcast on TV in Latin America, the USA and Quebec. In the last few years, Eduardo has garnered 7 awards and over 60 placements at screenwriting competitions with feature film screenplays and TV pilots. Eduardo’s first venture in dramatic audio came in 2011 by creating dialogue tracks of his film scripts for monthly competitions at Amazon Studios, reaching semi-finals five months in a row. Unable to finance movie projects, Eduardo’s focus shifted in 2018 towards fiction podcast / audio drama production, attending relevant conferences and workshops in the USA, investing in sound recording equipment, and adapting some of his film scripts for audio. Eduardo’s first attempt at audio storytelling was the experimental short play “Dad's Ashes” which has been showcased at radio drama and audio arts festivals in the USA and UK, and is available on most podcast providers. His next production was the full-cast audiobook “Another Snow White”, available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Eduardo’s latest project, the audio drama series “Y2K Redux” was conceived directly for audio and received financial support from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund to produce the first three episodes.