BHF Datenbank -- A Laugh is Like a Face

A Laugh is Like a Face

Autor*in: Paige Mazurek
Dauer: 6:32 min
Jahr: 2019
Regie: Paige Mazurek
Kategorie: The Burning Mic
Musik: Paige Mazurek
Ton: Paige Mazurek
Sounddesign: Paige Mazurek
Mitwirkende: Marina Fazly, Mounir Chafouk, Julie Machia, Jorge Fernandos, Scott Day, Michael Boucher, Joanna Whalen, Peter Machia, Rhonda Connell, Jay Sawyer, Michael Collins, Maureen King, Sky Mills,
A laugh is something we rarely give conscious thought to. Yet, it’s one of the most unique identifiers we carry with us. This piece was inspired by my first encounter with a laughing circle, where I learned through experience that even a fake laugh can induce a genuine one. What’s behind these profound utterances of human expression? I spent a few days at a rest stop trying to find out.