BHF Datenbank -- Not In The Cards

Not In The Cards

Autor*in: Vivien Schütz
Dauer: 18:44 min
Jahr: 2019
3. Preis #TBM, BHF 2020
Regie: Vivien Schütz
Kategorie: The Burning Mic
Musik: Musik von Colin Stetson, Blue Dot Sessions, Bexar Bexar, The Album Leaf
Ton: Vivien Schütz
Sounddesign: Vivien Schütz
"Not In The Cards" (18'44'') tells the story of an elderly gay man from Brooklyn, who was born blind, and his search for interpersonal contact. It poses the question, if and to what extent people can be happy without romantic relationships? Over the course of many weeks, I went to visit Robert in his one-room apartment, which he rarely leaves these days. His only contact with the outside world exists through phone calls and visits from in-home aides whom he considers friends.