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Vladimir Kryuchev

Bisherige Einreichungen:
2020: Bots and Spammers Dating Club
As a freelance audio producer, he has made documentary features that were broadcast by the BBC Radio 3 and YLE Radio 1. His audio works were nominated at the Prix Europa, Prix Marulić, HearSay, SonOhr Hörfestival, and the UK International Radio Drama Festival. Since 2002 working as a reporter for the Vperyod newspaper in Sergiyev Posad, Russia (currently with the same newspaper.) In 2009 he set up a website to share audio field-recordings recorded locally and abroad and also to promote this activity in Russia. This website has won the Best Multimedia Prize at the Moscow’s Vmeste Radio festival. Vladimir held a number of public talks and master-classes in field recording for various audiences in Russia and abroad.