BHF Datenbank -- Geschlossen


Autor*in: Armando Rotondi
Dauer: 1:00 min
Jahr: 2020
Regie: Armando Rotondi; Mirko Ettore D'Agostino
Kategorie: Der Mikroflitzer
Musik: Mirko Ettore D'Agostino
Ton: Mirko Ettore D'Agostino
Sounddesign: Mirko Ettore DAgostino
Mitwirkende: Freya Treutmann
“Geschlossen” is a micro-story written by Armando Rotondi, read and performed by Freya Treutmann, with original music score, editing and sound design by Mirko Ettore D’Agostino. It interrogates the concept of stillness and waiting in relation to space and time: a space that is interior but also physical and threating; a time that is thought as a multiplication of speeches and perceptions. “Geschlossen” talks about anxiety and desire that cannot be satisfied.