BHF Datenbank -- ¡#0π(R)æ∂Ik[]∑3#[]oø¿


Dauer: 13:14 min
Jahr: 2017
Regie: Friedemann Dupelius
Kategorie: Das kurze brennende Mikro
Ton: Friedemann Dupelius
Sounddesign: Friedemann Dupelius
Mitwirkende: Emile Frankel, Friedemann Dupelius, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Neo Hülcker, Sabine Akiko Ahrendt
When discussing if and how sound can transfer knowledge, we started to imagine what future archaeologists from the year 3000 would make of the sounds of Prädikow in 2016. We left them some of our Prädikow-2016-sounds on a USB stick, buried beneath a tree.initiated at VERANTWORTUNG 3000