BHF Datenbank -- End of the Line - Annie

End of the Line - Annie

Autor*in: Andy Short
Dauer: 19:16 min
Jahr: 2019
nominiert für das BHF 2020
Regie: Andy Short
Kategorie: The Burning Mic
Musik: Ian Coss
Ton: Ian Coss
Sounddesign: Ian Coss
Mitwirkende: Meghann Perry, Eliana Aliprantis, Chris Everett, Jon Reimer, Andy Short, Tiffany Yu, Gabe Lamanuzzi, Alex Birch, Palce Shaw
End of the Line- Audio dramas from the epidemic. Each story is a dramatic recreation of how addiction starts amid the opioid epidemic. Each episode is acted out by a performer in recovery and followed by a conversation between that actor and the person whose story the episode is based on.